5 good reasons to choose Acqua Eva

100% Natural

Acqua Eva arrives on your table pure and genuine, as it flows from its source, in a protected and uncontaminated alpine aquifer.

100% Natural

Europe's highest spring

Acqua Eva Rocce Azzurre springs from Europe’s highest spring at 2042 m, in the Monviso’s mountain district, declared Biosphere Rerserve by UNESCO.

The highest source in Europe

Minimally Mineralized

Acqua Eva is very mild, with a very low mineral content (49 mg/l*). A water with these features is suitable for everyone, and it’s alsoban aid to prevent fatigue of the organism, to help diuresis, and it’s as well recommended in case of hypertension or kidney problems.

Minimally Mineralized

Very low sodium

Acqua Eva is one of the waters with the lowest sodium content in the 🌍, 0.00003% only (0.30 mg/l*). Thanks to its very low sodium content, Acqua Eva is especially recommended for low-sodium diets.

Acqua Eva: very low sodium!

Suitable for babies

Acqua Eva is for everyone, even for babies. Acqua Eva has been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as water SUITABLE FOR THE PREPARATION OF INFANT FOOD.

Acqua Eva is for all!