Among the waters with the least sodium in the world 🌍

Only 0,00003%

Acqua Eva is one of the waters with the lowest sodium content in the world, (only 0.30 mg/l), so suitable for low sodium diets.
A high sodium diet (solo 0,30 mg/l*), quindi indicatissima per le diete povere di sodio.
A diet rich in sodium conveys water into the bloodstream, which results in an increase in blood volume that over time can increase blood pressure.

Since blood pressure normally increases with age, limiting sodium intake becomes even more important as years pass.
A low sodium diet can help to lower and maintain blood pressure within normal values, thus helping to reduce the risk of developing the diseases mentioned above.

High blood pressure (also known as hypertension) forces the heart to work harder and can damage blood vessels and organs, thus increasing the risk of heart disease, kidney disease and stroke.

Food and Drug administration
*Eva Rocce Azzurre natural mineral water analysis 27.09.2019