Renewable, sustainable, recyclable.

The peaks from which Acqua Eva flows have been declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Proud of this illustrious recognition, we are strong in protecting our valleys, supporting the initiatives of the local authorities and collaborating with local business, so that this place can give life to new investment opportunities and tourist destination in every season of the year.
In a perspective of sustainability, the small structures that repair the source were built respecting local architectural features. They have stones covered walls and a “lose” roof (a typical stone cut used in Monviso valleys). Electrical energy, needed to power the monitoring system, derive completely from some dedicated solar panels. Each intervention at the source was followed by a planting plan, to protect biodiversity and the surrounding ecosystem. Acqua Eva production plant, where water is bottled, is fully powered by renewable energy.
This integrated approach that contribute to reduce CO2 emissions, is part of the company policy from its birth and is continuously evolving, year after year.
Acqua Eva Rocce Azzurre springs at 2042 m, from the Europe’s highest source. All excess water flows automatically in some small streams, often tributaries of the longest Italian river, the Po River, becoming an essential element for fluvial flora and fauna.

Over the years, thanks to research and technological progress, Acqua Eva has constantly introduced innovative solutions, in collaboration with his suppliers, to greatly reduce the amount of plastic used in its bottles, without give up quality that only a sealed product can assure.
The Acqua Eva warehouse is fully automated. Product is managed with FIFO logic (First-In / First-Out), so the first product to enter is also the first one to go out. With this system Acqua Eva reaches the customer table in no time from its bottling. Acqua Eva is bottled at an average temperature of 10 °C, this and others factors ensure that the warehouse maintains the ideal conditions for the preservation of the product. Both in winter and summer, so, the warehouse doesn’t need to be refrigerated, becoming a great example of circular economy, regarding the temperature.

Acqua Eva R-PET, new product of the 2019, is a bottle made for 30% of Recycled PET, a material developed using new technologies which optimised plastics recycling process, dividing the PET from all other recyclable materials, transforming it into a precious raw material, 100% reusable. This separation allows to produce new preforms whit good mechanicals characteristics, similar to the virgin material, perfects for natural mineral water bottling.

All Acqua Eva bottles are 100% recyclable if properly recycled, in the plastic bin or in CORIPET Eco-Compactors, recycle consortium to which Acqua Eva is associated with.